Why should I pay for a room?

You asked us, "Why should I get a room at the hotel when I only live a few miles away?" Below are just a few reasons why we think you should get a hotel room.

First, we get a special convention rate at the Wyndham Indianapolis West, so why drive or walk to another location when all the action is taking place at the Wyndham.

The most important reason, though, is safety, yours and those other folks that might be on the road when you head home. If you have attended one of the adult private parties at which alcoholic beverages are consumed, you will NOT be at your best where driving is concerned. A night or two at the hotel is much cheaper than a DUI and much safer for you and all those out on the roads.

Video p1 006Alcohol is not the only thing to impair your driving skills. Being sleepy and tired is just as bad. If you get to Starbase Indy at the start of festivities for the day (10 A.M. on Saturday and Sunday) and don't leave till all is over (2 A.M. Friday and Saturday) you WILL be tired and sleepy. Do you want to fall asleep at the wheel and end up in a retention pond? We don't think you do and we don't want you to do that, either. It is not an acceptable battle plan and contains no honor. Plus, if you are already at the hotel, you can sleep in!

Having a room gives you a place to stash your stuff and take a shower and provides you with a quiet place to go during the day if you need a booster nap to get you through till 2 A.M.  Attendees have been known to "decorate" and/or take photos of unsuspecting nappers in the Atrium. You could end up on Facebook or on our website. How embarrassing.

Then there is the subject of membership prices. The more room nights we bring to the hotel, the more discount we receive at the end of that day.  This leads to a lower membership fee to attend. It is a vicious circle, we know, but round and round we go.

So go. Get a room. You will be glad you did and support the con.


Please contact Lisa with any party room reservation inquiries!