SBI- A Mission Briefing

Who goes to Starbase Indy?

From children to adults, t-shirt-wearers to cosplayers (You don't have to wear Spock ears, but if you want to, you certainly can!), if you're interested in Scifi and fantasy, Come geek out with us!

Don't forget, Starbase Indy is for fans (thats YOU), by fans. We do this out of the kindness of our hearts because we love scifi as much as you do!

What can you experience at Starbase Indy?

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Well, there’s –

Guest stars from your favorite science fiction shows.

Dinner with the Stars - watch a show and enjoy a buffet meal.

The Con Suite, where you can relax and visit with fellow fans while grabbing a snack or drink.

The Dealers’ Room, containing unique merchandise with a sci-fi twist.

Children’s programming. Hey, parents, kids 12 and under are free. How’s that for budget-friendly?

Over the course of the year, as guest stars and programming are added, you'll be kept up to date.

Why Thanksgiving weekend?

Because its tradition!

Utilize the short holiday week! Turn your convention weekend into a mini-vacation! In town for the weekend visiting relatives? Are relatives visiting? Take a fun break from them, or show them one of the best scifi gatherings Indy has to offer!