Terms & Conditions

SBI Terms & Conditions

There are always questions about various convention policies so we decided to list them all on one page. If you still have questions regarding any of these policies or any other aspect of the convention, feel free to email us.

 Autograph Policy

In our attempts to keep the price down for everyone, Starbase Indy will NOT include an autograph with your membership price.  Our guests will be available for autographs for a fee.  The standard fee is $20 which includes a photo, but ultimately the price is up to the guest.  Some guests will allow photo ops at the table and some will not.  In most cases if you purchase a photo from the guest, they will also pose for a photo op.  If they are offering a photo op, the information will most likely be listed in the program book and/or posted at registration.

** NOTE **Please do not ask our guests for an autograph when away from the autograph table.


Although our store gives you an option to have your membership packet mailed this option is ONLY for the shipment of autographs.  To ensure you receive your packet and it is not lost in the mail, Starbase Indy will NEVER mail your membership packet.  Your SBI membership/badge is non-refundable, non-exchangeable and non-transferable, no matter what reason.  SBI will not be responsible for lost or stolen ID badges and can only be replaced by purchasing additional admission.

Refund Policy

Starbase Indy has a NO REFUND or EXCHANGES policy. SBI will assume when you purchase your membership to participate in a fan-run convention; it is not only due to the guest list and/or the programming. Furthermore, SBI cannot guarantee the participation of our advertised guests. The professional commitment or personal obligation of an advertised guest may alter his/her participation without notice. However, SBI will do everything possible to update its website (including social media) regarding any and all changes pertaining to planned events and/or our guest list once those changes are made available to us.

We understand that things do come up and we try to work with you regarding special circumstances, but our hard fast rule is once a badge has been printed, there will be no refunds or transfers, this includes moving a registration to the following year.

In the event SBI cancels the convention, all individuals who have purchased an advanced membership will receive a refund via postal mail. If you have further questions regarding our refund policy please email us.

Dinner with the Stars

This event is extra and is only available for weekend members.  If you purchase a ticket without a weekend membership, you will be asked to purchase a weekend membership. If you are unwilling to purchase a weekend membership a refund will be provided minus a 5% processing fee.  This is the ONLY case in which Starbase Indy will provide a refund unless we cancel an event.  If you purchased a seat to sit at a table and the actor has to cancel, we will have to put you with the actor that is taking his/her place.  These are circumstances beyond our control.

Weapons Policy

The Weapons Policy for SBI requires that NO operable weapons be allowed. Weapons must be sheathed or holstered and peace-bonded, except as part of a masquerade performance. NO assassin or similar games will be allowed on hotel premises. Security will be spot-checking throughout the convention. Anyone not conforming to the rules will be required to leave.

Starbase Indy has the right to change these terms in the future. If a change does occure it will be posted on this page.