SBI: The 17th Generation (2012)

SBI2012 StaffPhoto web-4a

Back on Thanksgiving... this was our biggest convention since there were first run episodes of Trek on television.  We changed things up a bit and went with a great deal of "real" science.

You will see in the front row, astronaut Dr. David Wolf was a guest this year.  To honor our fallen astronaut, Neil Armstrong, we worked with NASA and Shane Co. to bring a tribute to Neil Armstrong.  The exhibit included a moon rock from Apollo 15, an Apollo 11 display and banner, 25 pictures from the Apollo 11 mission, moon globe, and an Apollo spacesuit mock up with helmet.

Our guests include two Klingons IN MAKEUP and appropriate Klingon gear and several more exciting members of the sci-fi community.  See list below.

  • Robert O'Reilly
  • JG Hertzler
  • Nicole deBoer
  • Alexis Cruz
  • Larry Nemecek
  • John Paladin
  • Dr. David Wolf
  • David Reddick
  • Five Year Mission
  • il Troubadore

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