SBI: The 11th Generation (2006)


Starbase Indy: The 11th Generation.  Our third year and yet again we had a great deal of guests.  Unfortunately, this was our first year where we had to deal with not one but three cancellations.  We originally had Christopher Judge and Gary Jones from Stargate and producer, writer director Manny Coto.  Unfortunately, about three weeks before the event, Christopher Judge had to cancel and we brough in Jonathan Frakes.  Gary Jones literally had to cancel 48 hours before the event and Manny Coto had something come up just weeks before the event.  Thanksfully, even after all these issues, we still had a great event.  Here is the complete list of guests.

  • Jonathan Frakes
  • Katee Sackhoff
  • Denise Crosby
  • Alexis Cruz
  • Dean Haglund
  • Gary Graham
  • Deborah Downey
  • Mary Linda Rapelye
  • David Reddick
  • Tim Brazeal

We had some amazing programming including Q&A's, Dinner with the Stars, Masquerade, X-Files Improv, Whose Line Is It Anyway (performed by our actors), and a slew of other amazing secondary programming.  To learn a little more about this event, click to view the gallery or to download our 2006 Program Book or pocket schedule.