SBI: The 10th Generation (2005)


Starbase Indy: The 10th Generation.  Once again held over Thanksgiving weekend at the Indianapolis Marriott East.  Our second year back and this time with a larger number of guests including:

  • Dominic Keating
  • Max Grodénchik
  • Aron Eisenberg
  • Chase Masterson
  • Vaughn Armstrong
  • James Horan
  • Herbet Jefferson
  • Menina Fortunato
  • Lolita Fatjo
  • Deborah Downey
  • Geoff Mutch
  • Larry Nemecek
  • Janet Nemecek
  • David Reddick
  • George "Lucas" Starkey
  • Tim Brazeal
  • Richard Coyle

 This was our biggest year in terms of the number of guests (as you can see).  We had a variety of programming along with our Dinner with the Stars.  Max Grodénchik did the most amazing Ferengi rap and our hearts melted as the young boy in his Star Trek uniform helped Vaughn Armstrong while he played the harmonica.  We still did not have a photographer so fan, John Wilson, was nice enough to donate many of these images.  Click to view the gallery or to download the 2005 program book or pocket schedule.